Question 990

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15 Responses to “Question 990”

  1. Osiris:

    Letting go and getting help

  2. Talia:

    to take charge of my life and live it bit!

  3. Rob:

    The choice to finally take some time and just be single. To get to know and appreciate myself. To learn how to have all my needs filled without someone else

  4. Olivia:

    To walk way from my ex and not look back for a change

  5. Renee:

    the resolution to commit the time and focus to have a meaningful relationship with myself and to let go of the ones who have hurt me so deeply … i make the choice to “let you go” and forgive.

  6. Lydia:

    To learn from my past, accept my mistakes, and love my life.

  7. LulĂșM:

    to forgive

  8. Emmy:

    To seek professional help for my anxiety. I made that decision earlier this year, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done!

  9. Juliet:

    taking a break and letting someone live my life for a little bit.

  10. To Accept the reality and move on…Bcoz life and Time never waits for anyone…….

  11. les:

    Accepting that my life isn’t as bad as i thought it was

  12. Move on and love myself back.

  13. Whether or not I should consider maybe buying that book about being more decisive.

  14. thelocalmaniac:

    To tell him I’m sorry and I want him back. He’s miserable, and so am I, and this distance is painful. I need to tell him.

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