Question 992

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13 Responses to “Question 992”

  1. mike t:

    l think too much,and l think about the wrong things. And sometimes l don’t think at all

  2. When I don’t listen to my Mother suggestions………..

  3. Susan:

    Over drinking, eating, thinking, worrying.
    Basically, over-everything.

  4. Jo:

    hedging my bets and not backing my ideas

  5. dada:

    lack of confidence

  6. Margaret:

    I think it’s my inability to discipline myself 🙁 . I hardly control myself. I usually feel this when i get so attached to things that are not important and then, i set aside the things that are needed to be done 🙁 . HELP PLEASE

  7. les:

    Having negative thoughts when i know I’m better than that

  8. C Man:


  9. shay:

    Not moving along, and making better decisions

  10. Corine s ortega:


  11. Courtney:


  12. Melrose:

    Masturbation !!1

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