Question 993

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18 Responses to “Question 993”

  1. Madeline:

    I play piano. It’s a feeling that more people need to experience.

  2. Blink:

    I go for long cycle rides along the coast

  3. Kat:


  4. Osiris:

    Sex, makes you forget things and feel great.

  5. dada:

    play with children ….sex …travel ….riding …cycling …

  6. Eva Marie:


  7. Mazl:

    play the piano – it’s all there…. every feeling, every emotion….

  8. Rob:

    On my motorcycle, the focus required to ride pushes everything else out of my mind until I’m left with the road, and whatever the core issue is that’s bothering me. By the time I shut down the engine I’ve usually got a better handle on it

  9. les:

    Listen to classical music while looking at the sky

  10. les:

    Listen to soft music while looking at the sky

  11. Lola:

    smoke up

  12. Courtney:

    Hugging tightly and Snuggling my head into the crook of her neck.. under a warm blanket.

  13. Take a bath and have a good sleep.

  14. farah:

    I use my imagination and leave the world behind.

  15. Gimi:

    Sleep is my drug

  16. Hotchkiss:

    Drown in the sky and hoping I can live in a storybook

  17. Marie:


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