Question 995

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14 Responses to “Question 995”

  1. Rob:

    A couple of people, so that I can sort myself out and decide who to allow closer, if anyone

  2. Renee:

    one person, who has already distanced himself emotionally. i need to do the same and protect myself from all this hurt and also learn from this life experience in order to keep myse;f from enduring any future heartache. i am dispirited as i “thought” i had a life with this person; therefore, i will follow suite and detach.

  3. Les:

    From the past

  4. Stephanie:

    A bad family relationship (blood relative).

  5. Stephanie:

    A friend who walked away. 🙁

  6. Corine s ortega:

    From the one that never Sees good in anything!

  7. Courtney:


  8. Sabrina:


  9. Didi:

    From negative thoughts, from the phrase ‘I cannot’

  10. Osiris:

    Agree with Les, the past.

  11. Gimi:

    my boredom

  12. Marie:

    an affair

  13. sabrina:

    my past

    my family

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