Question 1002

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11 Responses to “Question 1002”

  1. maslow:

    Starting a career and being with someone

  2. Mike G:

    Me, but cancer-free.

  3. Osiris:

    Always a better me

  4. Gea:

    A poet.

  5. Susan:

    A happy, healthy, serene ME!

  6. Rob:

    I’d like to be the best possible version of myself in one year, however I know that that will always be an ever changing ability. I look forward to the trip

  7. Mazl:

    me – but a weary me in scruffy boots from hiking in different countries around the world … ..

  8. Gimi:

    I want to succeed in my career in 1 year from now. Success means I have enough money to spend and have my savings and get promotion to senior position in the company. I will be more mature in everything I do.

  9. Renee:

    a lighter, less intense, happier form of the same ‘ol me … i will continue to endeavor to be the best version of “me” that i can be! how do i intend to do this? by learning and growing every single day over the next year and beyond, for the rest of my days.

  10. sabrina:

    a happier healthier relaxed form of me, achieving my goals, in a job that I’m passionate about and feeling like I’m making a difference.
    living alone with my cat, have good people in my life, not worrying about money, feeling content with the present and excited about the future.
    feeling self confident and focused

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