Question 1004

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12 Responses to “Question 1004”

  1. Rob:

    Like a lot of people I could always use a little more money, but I have to say on the whole I’m pleased. Anything that I think needs changing I’m working on changing

  2. Susan:

    I wish my family relationships were better.

  3. george:

    I would like more warm sunshine in wintertime

  4. Wesley:

    My life is just how I want it. It’s not perfect, but still good. 🙂

  5. dada:


  6. Lizi:

    Wish I had kept walking instead of stopping to waste precious time with some people, and wish I would have shared time with others whom I had walked past instead.

  7. Alicia:

    I wish my love life was better…

  8. Navyshebee:

    That I would sometimes put my needs first insead of always taking care of others, I belive this would lead to a happier and more peaceful life for myself.

  9. Jane:

    I wish my dad had a job that actually made money :/

  10. there r hundreds of things i would have wanted to change years ago but i have grown so much from everything ive been through tht its only made me strong. “well behaved women rarely make history”

  11. KK:

    I wish I was a mom.

  12. Conner:


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