Question 1005

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20 Responses to “Question 1005”

  1. Rob:

    Golden handcuffs. The job and the associated benifits are too good to leave. I made some poor decisions years ago and they make it so that I have to have the benifits the career offers to have a hope of a good life in the future

  2. Sarina:

    I guess I’m afraid to move forward.

  3. Wesley:

    I’m waiting to graduate college.

  4. Eljai:

    Fear of loss, fear of confrontation. Facing my own vulnerability keeps me from telling the truth about what I want. Admitting I’ve changed my mind feels like admitting I’ve made a mistake. I don’t want to appear to be what I am. A human.

  5. Susan:

    Quite simply, it’s money.
    So simple, yet so powerful.

  6. Shikha:

    Being lazy and not stepping out of comfort zone 🙁

  7. dada:

    I dont feel stuck ! 🙂

  8. Talia:

    Sadly, money.

  9. Mazl:

    Circumstances surrounding some very needy elderly relatives

  10. Stephanie:

    I still desperately miss my friend who decided we’re no longer friends, no matter how much I try to forget.

  11. Indecision. I have issues making a decision because I like to have all the information.

  12. Unbelievaburgers:

    My piece of shit Dodge Caravan that isn’t worth a fuck.

  13. Navyshebee:

    Not knowing what my options are and how to find and utilize them,It is hard to leave someone when you have servce dog and you cant find a place to live. Finances is also a factor right now, but hopefully it will work out.

  14. Jaimye:

    I dont know what I want.

  15. Ramonee:

    me, I haven’t taken the decisions that are required to move on, fear…

  16. Foxy:

    the people I love.

  17. Daniel:

    Money, money, money… I know what I’m good at, what I love to do, where I would excel. Not enough money to eat on a daily basis, let alone go to school.

  18. orellana:

    fear controls me, im terrify to move one because im afraid of failure.

  19. KK:

    Fear of the unknown.

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