Question 63

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40 Responses to “Question 63”

  1. Lamarik:

    The only person that can ever obstruct your goals ~be it happiness or otherwise~ is you

  2. Cherry:

    Ultimately, myself.

  3. valerie:

    My fears.

  4. Nic:

    Time and myself…

  5. audri:


  6. audri:

    by money, i mean, i would be much happier if we didn’t have to force ourselves into terrible jobs just to earn a few bucks for food and rent.

  7. Tay:


  8. Lauren:

    My mother.

  9. Ross:

    yourself. only you decide what happens in your life, nobody else can make decisions for you

  10. John:

    My responsibilities

  11. Romer Jed:

    Me and only me.

  12. lauren:

    the army, and how it takes him away from me.

  13. Sarah:

    My School, but most importantly, my mom.

  14. Michaela:

    Depression, confusion, and being unsure and doubting of myself all the time.

  15. erika:

    money… and i’m not entirely sure what happiness means for me yet…

  16. Adel:

    All mental blocks that pressure you to think that happiness requires achievements.

  17. ashley:

    also the army, and how it took him away from me too. for good

  18. Sara:

    Distance ..

  19. Benny:


  20. EmilyBee:

    money. inexperience. fear.

  21. nothing and nobody, for happiness in not an outside thing but the very feeling right inside of me 🙂
    All I need to do is look down what I own inside 😉

  22. Endeavour or venture, whatever you call it.

  23. Gail:


  24. Hurting:

    The world. Everything. Every last thing.

  25. Richard Y.

  26. Kaitlyn:


  27. freestylewalker:

    Ultimately, myself.

  28. alli:

    Myself and my fears

  29. Flower:

    Myself. I allow others to control my happiness & I shouldn’t. I need to find happiness in myself.

  30. Oceaveth:


  31. Luke:

    Myself, i find a way to accidentally ruin everything in my life
    its pretty impressive actually

  32. April:

    My own unintelligent choices I make. I am a happy person, but sometimes I do things that put quite the damper on happiness.

  33. Monica:

    Two Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy Miles.

  34. Samantha:


  35. Alexis:

    My past

  36. Megan:


  37. Nick:

    My worries, doubts and fears.

  38. Lizzy:

    X—the nameless second persona in my conscious. Stop whispering that I can’t do it, and that I’m weird for loving what I love. Stop supplying those fears that hold me back. Stop distracting me with thoughts of my supposed ugliness; I may not be beautifully radiant, but I know I’m prettier than you.
    X2—the other nameless ignorance of the world in my head. You will continue to shrink, whether or not you like or not. Try to distract me if you want, but I’ll push past you. You’re too weak now, and I can destroy you.

    Mother and father—let me touch the experiences you fear but I love.

  39. my doubts and fears.

  40. Rowena:


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