Question 1025

Photo by: Robb North

9 Responses to “Question 1025”

  1. Stephanie:

    A smile from a friend…

  2. Mazl:

    I was a carer for a dog rescue group and I was caring for a dog (finally) called Holly. She was always returned to the shelter as unsuitable as she had many issues and was then passed back to me to look after her until she was found her forever home. It was decided when it became impossible for me to part with her, that we would adopt ‘Holly’ and our home would be her forever home.
    The day we finalised Holly’s adoption papers, the car pulled in, Holly bounded out of the car, ran around the garden in huge leaps and bounds, barking madly, round and round, faster and faster and then flew into the house ahead of us. She skidded through the house, past the other two dogs, and, totally forgetting what lay ahead, she ran out the back, and with one incredible leap she landed straight into the middle of the pool !
    SHE KNEW! She was home – for 14 wonderful years. We were all winners , and I still smile as I think of the absolute joy of a dog who planned and got exactly what she wanted.
    And so did we!

  3. Rob:

    Many of the pictures I have from good times gone by

  4. John:

    The 1st time that I climbed 2 of Colorado’s 14,000 ft peaks in 1 day

  5. Eljai:

    rabbits, my old books, the flea market

  6. Susan:

    Remembering crossing the finish line of a marathon.

  7. karina:

    my childhood, and the memory of my grandma

  8. mitesh:

    my chilhood and unforgettable time that i spet with my school friend

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