Question 1028

Photo by: Alesa Dam

30 Responses to “Question 1028”

  1. Eljai:

    the lights and the food for Christmas. The ritual and power of Solstice. I don’t like New Years.

  2. Sabrina:

    The lights for Christmas and the sense of renewal for New Years’–though I believe we can have New Years’ at any time of the year. 🙂

  3. Talia:

    Time spent with my family!

  4. dada:

    lights ….

  5. Jack:

    I love wasting any extra money I have managed to save throughout the year on random junk, so i can meet my financial obligation to everyone. Oh and the lights are pretty……

  6. Haataja:

    Snow, loneliness and darkness…

  7. Jack:

    Haataja , bless you….

  8. Hotchkiss:

    The Freedom

  9. Haataja:

    Well, that’s what I really like. I can see light in the darkness and feel warmth in the coldness. 🙂 We’re just different. Problem?

  10. Me:

    Spending time with Family 🙂

    I also love shopping for the kids and watching their faces when they open a much-desired present.

  11. MissMoo:

    It being over… I’m trying to work on enjoying it, but its just so much hard work…

  12. sabrina:


    time to reflect on the past, where I am now and where I want to be in the future

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