Question 64

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18 Responses to “Question 64”

  1. valerie:

    ignorance is bliss. πŸ˜‰

  2. Tori:

    Innocence is knowing what is right and what is wrong but still choosing to be good. Ignorance is not knowing either.

  3. Romer Jed:

    Innocence is simply not knowing and meaning no harm to anyone or anything.

    Ignorance is choosing not to be informed and believe in one’s point of view as being dominantly correct.

  4. sweetness:

    Inoncence- not being aware of the facts
    Ignorance- avoiding the facts

  5. Adel:

    Innocence: Not knowing what is bad, due to virtue.
    Ignorance: Not knowing, or refusing to know, anything that can truly benefit people on a wide scale.

  6. Laura:

    Innocence can be taken away.

    ignorance can not.

  7. Innocence never hurt anyone.

  8. Innocence is pure, igorance is blind

  9. Innocence is definitely beautiful.
    And ignorance can be beautiful too, if seen in different angle that is just hide behind our negative emotions πŸ˜‰

  10. Courtney:

    Innocence is when you haven’t done anything.
    Ignorance is when you think or say you haven’t done anything.

  11. Gail:

    innocence is a stage of growth marked by inexperience; it is also absence of guilt
    ignorance implies having failed to learn one’s lessons as they fell on one’s shoulders; it is also absence of knowledge

  12. Teresa Lyles:

    Innocence is a lack of harmful knowledge.
    Ignorance is a lack of helpful knowledge.

  13. Nothing, in my mind at least.

  14. alli:

    Ignorance is not knowing or acknowledging the truth, while innocence is not being aware of the true state of things and seeing beauty in anything and everything no matter what.

  15. Kacie:

    Innocence is when you’re a child and you have no idea what the wide world out there is like, but you hope and think that it is a beautiful thing.
    Ignorance is being told that things are wrong and you choose to deny it all to keep yourself happy, to the point where you hate when someone is telling you the truth, because you’re happy in your own little world.

  16. April:

    I think of innocence as purity, such a beautiful thing. Innocence you don’t know things, but in ignorance you avoid knowing things.

  17. Nick:

    Innocence is simply not knowing something.
    Ignorance is neglecting something.

  18. Rowena:

    Innocence is when you don’t know. Ignorance is when you know but choose not to believe.

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