Question 1041

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15 Responses to “Question 1041”

  1. Rob:

    I hope to feel like I’m back on track within one month.

  2. sam:

    I hope to be better connected by then (socially speaking).

  3. ramona:

    I hope to be sleeping regularly and be settled in.

  4. Ruth:

    I hope to be back on track, moving once again in a positive direction.

  5. Kat:

    All I hope for is that I can go this next month without a relapse because the desire is building. One more month to make 8 months with no new scars. Adding that month will be a great accomplishment to me.

  6. Eljai:

    I HOPE I will be moved cross country, or at least fully prepared to leave…but that seems to be a dying plan. so…closer to home. I hope to have my home bunny proofed and to get through this episode intact and with no new collateral damage.

  7. To be 30 days further along the right path.

  8. Mazl:

    I hope to have a lot less ‘stuff’ in my home with me choosing what goes and what stays….. and not a bushfire…..

  9. Susan:

    I hope to have my attic organized with Christmas boxes stored away. I also hope to lose the 5 lbs I gained over the holidays! ; )

  10. Muhammad Yunus Awan:

    I would like to accomplish reading of “Global Religions” by Professor Dr. Muhammad Akrim Rana and published by Poorab Academy, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  11. Talia:

    To feel like I am on course with my goals and aspirations for 2013!

  12. Yolande:

    I hope to be able to use my Photoshop program.

  13. Ssshining:

    I hope to lose 10 pounds.

  14. Navyshebee:

    To declutter and set up my new grandsons room for when he visits.

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