Question 66

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20 Responses to “Question 66”

  1. Benny:

    trying to better than the next man…i’m a natural competitor

  2. Navn:

    I have two goals in life
    1. Be happy
    2. Help others be happy

  3. moca:

    I find that searching for meaning in my life makes me unhappy because if I can’t find one than I am useless and other assorted emotions. For me I go about life trying to live it the best I can and taking every opportunity that presents itself to help the world…can this not be meaning too? In a way yes but without the definition and structure of it being meaning, I feel a lot more happy

  4. Nic:

    What gives sense to my existence?
    My goals.. the fear of not achieving them is the engine that moves me towards a new tomorrow

    Damn I love this questions… good thing before sleep.

  5. seeing my 5 year old daughter smile everytime she sees me

  6. Krishna:

    Getting an understanding Life Partner. Its a BOON

  7. Lisa:

    Jesus. He is the reason behind what I do, and who I am. Without Him my life is pointless, without hope. In Him I live and move and have my being.

  8. valerie:

    my son and his father. without them
    life would be unbearable.

  9. Whatever flows into my right now moment for I only feel life in the present ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. EmilyBee:


  11. Romer Jed:

    The people around me and my usefulness for them.

  12. Gail:


  13. I’ve thought about that and I’ve come to one conclusion – nothing.
    All the world is is a random collection of atoms and empty space. How can an atom or two or five-octillion mean anything? o.o

  14. Hannah:

    I very much so agree with Lisa, she explained herself very eloquently.
    God and his love and passion for my life is what inspires me on a daily basis and gives meaning to my life. My life going to be used for a more profound purpose and the meaning that God gives life is the most meaningful meaning of all.

  15. Rachel:


  16. April:

    My religion.

  17. Ris:

    The sometimes stupid, insane, completely crazy moments I have with my family and my friends.

  18. Nick:

    God, my dreams, my family and friends, simply living it.

  19. Lizzy:

    Music and art. And knowing that heโ€™s out there, waiting for me as I am waiting for him.

  20. Rowena:

    There are many things that give my life meaning…

    The ones that I love. Knowing that my one and only is waiting. My curiosity for the future.

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