Question 1069

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20 Responses to “Question 1069”

  1. Molly:

    My parents, sister and baby brother. He’s nearly 10, I’m more than twice his age, but that hardly matters.

  2. Eljai:

    My long distance boyfriend, so I could experience my reaction upon seeing him again, so I could feel his hands on me and know if this should go on.

  3. Catrina:

    Impossible: My deceased father…
    Possible: A real “medium” who could communicate between myself and my late father.

  4. I’ve never been a fan of surprise visits.

  5. susan:

    The Readers Digest Sweepstakes Patrol

  6. Mazl:

    my dad with my dog Holly but – they’re both dead

  7. shipra:

    My love

  8. shipra:

    Lord Ganesh with Goddess Lakshmi

  9. Ria:

    My brother.

  10. My ex-flatmates who practically have become family.

  11. dada:

    my future husband …who ever he is
    tell him to hurry up 🙂

  12. KK:

    The person I never had closure with.

  13. Navyshebee:

    my best friend without having to call her, I just want her to think of me and stop by to see how I am doing.I sometimes wonder if she doesnt take our friendship for granted, and that makes me feel used.

  14. Chocobo123:

    @Navyshebee : I can relate. I’ve followed the ‘its better to give than to take’ and gave my best friend surprise visits when I could because I thought she was going through tough times. But now, even though I’ve texted her saying how depressed I am and keep dropping hints that I want someone to be here with me, she never even drops a ‘how are you?’ text, a phone call is completely out of the question. And all I want to feel better is for her to randomly come up to me and give me a hug.

  15. Randy Seabrook:

    Anyone who used to be a good friend. You see I thought that I had friends but as I got married, had kids, got a career, they all seemed to disappear. It would be nice if one of them looked me up.

  16. Unbelievaburgers:

    Richard Simmons.

  17. joan:

    My daughter’s father, He is dead now, She never got to meet him. I was 16 when I had my daughter, I know I let myself be used and abused. He wasted his life on drugs. I would have loved to have introduced my beautiful daughter and 3 beautiful grandchildren to him. What a lot of joy, pain and love came out of the abuse of a 16 year old girl.

  18. Emo McGee:

    The Angel of Death

  19. ThePained:

    Anybody…I just want someone to care enough to.

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