Question 1075

Photo by: Stephem Poff

17 Responses to “Question 1075”

  1. Marc:

    The smile on my wife’s face, and knowing that I created it.

  2. Laughter, playfulness, and peace.

  3. Angelo:

    Finding this website!

  4. Eljai:

    I slept an extra 40 minutes

  5. Mazl:

    it rained

  6. Susan:

    An early morning 6 mile run with group of friends; a wonderful lunch with my husband; a long afternoon nap followed by a big bowl of ice cream! A great day!

  7. ersterwochentag:

    Definitely bacon!

  8. Karen W:

    Waking up knowing that my husband loves me.

  9. Keith:

    The best sex ever.

  10. KK:

    The Chinese food and margarita I’m enjoying.

  11. Randy Seabrook:

    Making and eating creamy roasted chicken soup.

  12. dada:

    feeling satisfaid with myself

  13. A:

    a kiss and an “I love you” from my 2 year old.

  14. Kit:

    Finding this website which has made me slow down and not just think but ponder. Thank you Marc and Angel

  15. y:

    accomplished an important task.

  16. sabrina:

    spending time with my cat

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