Question 1078

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27 Responses to “Question 1078”

  1. karina:

    to be humble and kind

  2. Courtney:

    Think about everyone around you, not just you.

  3. Me:

    Mingle only with people who can help you become successful. Forget the rest because they will just drag you down.

  4. Don’t play with fire.

  5. shipra:

    Perseverance and hard work.
    Use brains

  6. Mazl:

    To be resourceful, to say grace before meals, to be polite and respectful, to be thankful, to smile, to work hard, to eat everything on my plate, to be pleasant, to go to church, to practise the piano, to wash the whites separately, to eat my crusts, to not be cheeky, to pay my bills on time, to save for a rainy day, to marry a kind man who treats his mother well, to keep practising the piano, to leave the kitchen clean and tidy, to shut the toilet door,

  7. Susan:

    How to be resourceful.

  8. Bubba:

    To clean up after myself and to speak my mind without deceit or reservation.

  9. Paul:

    Unconditional Love!

  10. SUE:

    To question everything and not put up with anyone’s shit.

  11. ~b:

    what unconditional love feels like

  12. dada:

    everything they did …

  13. Eljai:

    behave in such a way that you can be proud of yourself.

  14. Kennedy:

    Respect, for starters.

  15. KK:

    I’m glad my parents taught be the value of manners and morals.

  16. Osiris:

    My dad taught me how to learn and teach myself things, how to be inventive and mechanical. When ever I’m in a tight spot, I can most always figure a way to fix things to get out. Or if something needs to be fixed that I don’t know how to do, I just get a book and read up on it than fix it. There is nothing man made that you can’t fix or reuse to benefit something. It was turned into something once, it can be done again.

  17. Socks:

    How to problem solve. How to be independent and rely on myself. How to be brave. How to argue. How to stand up for myself.

  18. chelsea:

    humility and humbleness.

  19. devanshi virmani:

    to share every thing what happens to me in my life for true guidance.

  20. y:

    gratitude is the best attitude

  21. eileen:

    That no one is better than anyone else – treat everyone as worthwhile.

  22. Navyshebee:

    How to be independant, to not take anything for granted, to fix things instead of throwing them away as long as it it cost effective, to be honest , my word is my bond and if i over extend myself to not be afraid to say so and apologize to whomever for my mistakse or for something i might have said that came out of my mouth without thinking and was not very nice.To put family first even though it might mean losing my job, but then that job was not meant to be yours.Be frugal buy quality, and look at the longevity of a company you buy from,so you know that you will be able to get parts in the future, if not, know how to make what you need and make it work. One mans junk can fix alot of what is in our garbage dumps. to use cloth diapers, and stand up for what you believe in but know your position dont just say something and not be able to back it up with facts.

  23. jon:

    Do unto others as you want others do unto you!

  24. Mel:

    My dad taught me so much about the outdoors, a lot about common sense, a lot about finances, a lot about good work ethics . My mom taught me a ton about being compassionate, being frugal, about acceptance, about kindness.

  25. Justis:

    To never give up no matter what.

  26. Kevin:

    To be respectful to those talking to you

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