Question 1080

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15 Responses to “Question 1080”

  1. Henry:

    Learning for my exam tomorrow…

  2. Molly:

    Having the internet cut out while I was talking to my family, after a particularly annoying and disappointing day.

  3. Krista:

    Not knowing how to keep a conversation going. I wanted to talk, I just didn’t know what to talk about.

  4. Alarm clock.

  5. R@du:

    meeting with my superior 🙁

  6. Eljai:

    coming home sick, needing rest and finding a last minute notice that the apt maintenance crew is coming to do rountine maintenance and extermination tomorrow, so I had to clean the place etc.

  7. Osiris:


  8. dada:

    my runny nose

  9. chelsea:

    someone flaking on me… cuz he thought he wasn’t good enough. little does he know i deal with the same insecurities.

  10. Theresa:

    people who are not answering my texts

  11. sabrina:

    being exposed to reckless drivers on the road

  12. Navyshebee:

    Not able to control my emotions, due to a head injury….today was tough.

  13. Lissa:

    My fiancé sleeping all day and being alone.

  14. People who talk too much while I’m working – I can’t concentrate. I wish they’d go somewhere private.

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