Question 1082

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  1. ALL times are gone forever. At least, as far as time can tell.

    But what we retain from those times lasts forever. If times were good, then great, cherish them for all your days. If times were not so great, then good riddance. They’re gone and gone forever. Now it’s up to you to move on.


  2. Debbie:

    Going to the library to do research.

  3. Audrey:

    Precious time spent with my Grandmother. I never thought I could miss her talking over the TV so much…

  4. Craig:

    My childhood

  5. Eljai:

    times when I believed that the high road was worth the effort

  6. :):

    My childhood. (Ditto @ Craig)

  7. Seun:

    Youth and childhood

  8. Navyshebee:

    that a handshake is a persons word, that most people are honest,intergrity and honesty seem to be going the way of the birds…fly fly away.

  9. Randy Seabrook:

    The precious childhood days of my children. They are grown ups now but when I look at them I still see their beautiful little 6 and 7 year old faces. I hear their sweet voices and delightful peals of laughter. I feel the overwhelming love for them that is always in my heart. These memories always make me smile . They are such awesome people- I marvel at the generosity of God to have allowed me to be their mother.

  10. Courtney:


  11. Wanton:

    Tomorrow as well if we don’t wake up and live it!

  12. Lissa:

    Going drinking & other recreational things at bars & clubs; an alcoholic & addict in recovery!

  13. Bea:


  14. JRB:

    Any time that has past is gone forever.

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