Question 1125

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22 Responses to “Question 1125”

  1. Eljai:

    some thing going horribly wrong at the last minute preventing me from reuniting with my boyfriend.

  2. Eva:

    the possibility of failure

  3. KK:

    The possibility of something horrible happening to my loved ones.

  4. Jenna:

    that I was not as good a mother as I hoped I would be…..even though i know it isn’t true

  5. shipra:

    The possibility of something untoward happening in our personal relationship.
    The possibility of me drowning in a swollen river
    The possibility of me remaining wanting for my desires, all through my life.

  6. wanton:

    someone else’s mistake.

  7. Katie:

    A coworker who was awful to me at work and I can’t seem to get over it.

  8. karen:


  9. Phil:

    Failing out of grad school

  10. Karina:

    Not making it to college

  11. the money I earn not matching our needs

  12. Rodney:

    Being alone for the rest of my life and never finding love

  13. tash:


  14. Nic:

    Comparing myself unfavourably with others.

  15. Jude:

    That I won’t be loved

  16. Jim:

    Losing the people I love

  17. P.J.:

    I was assulted by a paramedic. As soon as he heard I had Bipolar II, he just became violent. I guess premptively. Which makes him an idiot because Bipolar II, by its definition, pretty much rules out violence against others. Hello, PTSD. I can’t stop thinking about it. It needs to stop.

  18. JRB:

    Not having anyone to be with me when I get old.

  19. Senbon:


  20. Greg:

    That I’m not good enough for the people who depend on me.

  21. Jacey:

    My childhood

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