Question 1128

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15 Responses to “Question 1128”

  1. dada:

    in this moment of my life – men !
    hope it want last …

  2. Mazl:


  3. LulĂșM:

    drinking a lot

  4. junk food is unhealthy, it takes plenty of time (that could be used constructively) to go get it,
    and you can watch your money disappear if you buy it constantly.

  5. reddy:

    Big houses

  6. smoking and drinking

  7. Arthur Hutchinson:


  8. james:

    Playing online games…

  9. Whenever The money > The reward

  10. Aja:

    Trying to impress others.

  11. Jim:

    Loving someone that doesn’t love you

  12. JRB:


  13. Cami:

    Marriage, and fake tans.

  14. Senbon:

    Pleasing other people

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