Question 1136

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23 Responses to “Question 1136”

  1. kim:

    Freak out about it.

  2. linda:

    Avoid it or talk about it constantly.

  3. Stephanie:

    I’m with Linda. Ignore it and just let it fester.

  4. Mazl:

    deny it’s exhistence

  5. Czarie:

    Over-analyze the problem

  6. Chelsea:

    Procrastinate. It wil only feel worse the next day or week or year… And sometimes waiting too long could lead to missed opportunities for solutions.

  7. Susan:

    By looking at it as a problem instead of a CHALLENGE.

  8. Feline:

    @ Susan: I love your attitude! It’s so natural and I completely agree. It’s like: ‘The one who says he can and the one who says he can’t, they’re both right’. So if you look at it as a problem, it’ll be a problem, but if you see it as a challenge, it’ll be that. Personally I’d rather have a challenge than a problem 🙂

  9. tash:

    By procrastinating about doing anything about it.

  10. KK:

    Not knowing when to stop talking!

  11. Victoria:

    Sometimes it is avoiding the issue, others, it is forgetting to reframe it so that you see it as an opportunity instead of a problem.

  12. shipra:

    Not stopping, when asked to

  13. Jim:


  14. AMonte:

    To reject to problem as your own. Point fingers and refrain from acknowledging any fault. Ohh and throwing out excuses..those always make things worse.

  15. JRB:

    Denial — not facing it.

  16. Senbon:

    Say something without thinking or by thinking too much

  17. P.J.:


  18. kelli:

    not standin up and doing something about it.

  19. Jen:

    Letting it mess you up and send you off the rails.

  20. chichay:


  21. Hotchkiss:


  22. Jacey:

    Ignore it and pushing it to the back of your mind

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