Question 74

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  1. It reminds me a quote of Lao Tzu 🙂

    “A good traveler has no fixed plans,
    and is not intent on arriving.”

    My wildest wish is to be that content minded,
    and just flow without any obsession of must reach where thing 😉

  2. Jacob:

    Switzerland. If you haven’t gone, you wouldn’t know why I want to go there. If you have gone, you know.

  3. Tay:

    I would like to go wherever he is, because to me, he is the best place on earth.

  4. Nic:

    Norway, just to be, literally, at the top of the world… spectacular landscapes too… you just would love it.

  5. Kennie:


  6. Home, to my country Jordan, and specifically to my city Amman, because I miss it too much!

  7. Erin:

    to where the people i love are. i miss you tragically.

  8. everywhere possible!

  9. MLEst1:

    I would like to go on a tour and not be rushed.

    I went on a tour of a beautiful cavern in Arizona and just wanted to stare at the walls. Instead, the guide rushed us from one spot to another.

    I agree with the quote that Sandy Xuan posted. Plans are nice outlines, but keeping to them can sometimes bring more harm than help.

  10. Abbey:

    Everywhere so that i can find home, wherever it is.

  11. Hana:

    some exciting places…. no matter what the exitement is

  12. Kylie:

    Maryland. I left my heart there.

  13. Romer Jed:

    To wherever my best friend Megan is.

    Just being by her side makes me happy and feel less broken and worthless that I feel when I’m anywhere else.

  14. Jonny:

    i’d go only a couple of hours on the train to London. To let this girl who means the world to be me know how much i love her.

  15. Paris or London.
    Paris because I love French things, anything French really. (Except the Canadians – the global scapegoat. O:)
    London because I love British people and their amazing accents.

  16. Alyssa:

    Boston, where my heart is.

  17. Anonymous:

    Japan, so that I can experience their culture first hand.

  18. Nomi:

    Ireland, my souls’ origin.

  19. Jenny:

    Sadly, it’s not real.

  20. gabby:

    Heaven, because if I go there, it would mean it’s real.

  21. Lindsey:

    Ireland because it’s where my ancestors are from and it just seems so beautiful and peaceful

  22. April:

    Italy? Bora Bora? Wherever those I love are.

  23. Gracie:

    Brevard, North Carolina
    Chincoteague, Virginia
    Ithaca, New York
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Stockton, California
    To see the people I love the most

  24. Erin:

    Someday I want to come back from school to a home, not just a house…

  25. sab:


  26. Ris:

    Sydney, Australia. Since we were 15, my sister and I have dreamed of moving there after high school, and it’s been the one thing that kept me alive for so long, knwoing we had this plan.

  27. Nick:


  28. P:

    To see Aurora Borealis, I think about it everyday <3

  29. Julie Takase:

    near the ocean… it helps me remember that in life we are just a speck of sand…

  30. Rowena:

    I want to visit all 50 states. Why? Because I want to see different things and get to know the United States. 🙂

  31. Joleen:

    To the sea. I love water – it’s always changing and on the other side, it always stays the same. I’d love to go to France or Australia.

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