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  1. Stephanie:

    I’m pursuing a life dream that I first had twenty years ago. Will I make it? Who knows? I know I would not make it if I didn’t try. So I’m going for it, in addition to a full time job and spending time with my family. Someday I’ll reacquaint myself with sleep. 😉

  2. Jarvis:

    Good luck Stephanie,
    mine is bipolar disorder and social stigmas against mental illness-

  3. Mazl:

    deteriorating eyesight

  4. dada:

    before I felt like happiest girl in the world
    and now I feel like saddest one
    (hard breake up and serious illness in the family)

    but head’s up …….life is going on …use it 🙂

  5. Stephanie:

    And good luck to you, Jarvis. I work with someone who is bipolar. He now has a Ph.D. in computer science. People at work know about it. He functions fine, and is respected. You can do fine with being bipolar!

  6. shipra:

    I got everything and was deprived of everything.

  7. Kennedy:

    Losing all of the friends I had over something I barely understand myself to explain to someone else, now have the best friends I could ask for.

  8. KK:

    Giving a life’s dream everything I got, being defeated and now living in sorrow.

  9. Probably drugs.

  10. Henry:

    Well, of course moving out and going to university was a big change, but I think what really changed me was the (bad) break up with my very first girlfriend.

    She lied to me, cheated on me and left me for a guy I thougt was my friend.

    And if I learned one thing out of this for my entire life, it’s that I would never want to a person hurt as much as I from her.

  11. Mary:

    Death of one life, trying to put the pieces together again.

  12. jude:


  13. Alicia:

    Becoming a Mom! 🙂

  14. Michelle:

    OK,here we go, death of a 23 year marriage, getting a new job, watching both my babies graduate from high school to move on, having to bury my dog. Actually this has all happened in just over a year. I keep waiting for things to get easier…. I’m still waiting.

  15. Brendon:

    Meeting the love of my life, and now marrying her in two months.

  16. Cami:

    Three years ago, I was depressed and suicidal. I felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere and like I could never cope with my anxiety disorders.
    Now I’m much happier, more optimistic for the future. I’m taking it one day at a time and trying to appreciate everything I have. I know what I want to accomplish and am working towards that goal.

  17. P.J.:

    Last month my foster sister and best friend of 28 years got angry with my and used my deepest, darkest fear against me. She called in a false suicide watch. While “helping” me, one of the paramedics beat me pretty badly. I’m trying to deal with that.

  18. chichay:

    three years ago i was very jolly and fun but now everything has change and i just don’t know why

  19. Alex:

    While serving in the Peace Corps I was hit by a truck on the highway, left a good sized dent in it, more than a year and half ago. Because of that I was sent home unable to finish the two year journey I had started and as a result of the accident I am unable to feel anything beyond the physical sensations. So there is little to no emotion in my life, but i go on because what kind of message would that send to my nephew who was born a month after I was hit and two months before I was able to return home.

  20. Bella:

    Becoming more stronger, going with the flow of life and doing the best I can.

  21. k:

    questioning life

  22. Tiffany:

    Becoming a mom.

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