Question 1147

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  1. Stephanie:

    I never want to become old. I don’t care that the body ages. That happens. I also accept the value of some level of maturity. However, there’s something about a child-like view of the world that is good.

    There’s bad in the world. There’s lots of it. There’s much more good in the world, however. Always look for the good, and revel in it when you see it.

  2. shipra:

    Not reading those News which I feel helpless about

  3. Susan:

    Become helpless

  4. Mazl:

    go to the funeral of one of my children

  5. KK:

    Have another miscarriage.

  6. Lily:

    Break his heart. I know i am going to but i dont want to

  7. Rick:

    Be publicly humiliated

  8. Cami:

    Grow up. I know I have to grow older, and take on more responsibilities and become more mature, but I don’t want to ever stop enjoying my life or seeing the world as a big, mysterious, beautiful place. I don’t want to become so caught up in the “have-to’s” of my life that I don’t make time for the “want-to’s.”

  9. Follow the status quo (i.e. buy beige house in suburbs, have 2.3 children, drive beige minivan, have a beige life).

  10. P.J.:

    turn into my mother

  11. JRB:

    Kill anyone.

  12. chichay:

    make my mom cry

  13. Bella:

    Raise my voice at anyone.

  14. k:

    cause pain

  15. MP:

    Have a failed marriage

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