Question 1158

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20 Responses to “Question 1158”

  1. shipra:

    My sleep

  2. Susan:

    Obviously, when speaking; but also sleeping, vacationing or while working on a project with time deadlines. I pretty much don’t like to ever be interrupted when I’m focused on the task at hand.

  3. Mazl:

    when I am watching Miniscule

  4. Alicia:


  5. Aiyana:


  6. Matt Palka:

    Sleeping is a crucial one. When I am talking too. Whenever I am focused on getting something done, which usually happens at home, I love to be uninterrupted. Otherwise, I let friends and family talk to me. Being alone is really my personal growth time, so I often like the natural rhythm of interruptions, especially at college on campus. Running into friends while reading on campus is a good interruption.

  7. KK:


  8. Editing photos. Like sleep, it takes a long time to get back into a rhythm.

  9. Christine Ha:

    reading something

  10. Greg:

    When I’m alone.

  11. Eljai:

    sleeping, working on an art project, taking a bath or putting the finishing touches on dinner

  12. Stephanie:

    If I’m at the office and I have The Headphones™ over my ears, I am programming and I cannot be disturbed, short of earthquakes, fire, or the dreaded Seven Year Itch™. No matter, some people will interrupt me anyway, and so I keep the murderous thoughts behind my clearly annoyed visage.

    Geez, I even hate being disturbed by an earthquake. When the one hit the DC area in August ’11 (M5.8) and my building started waving back and forth, something that will give you pause when you think that concrete and steel are moving like paper and aren’t actually designed to do that except in California and Japan, I was in the middle of writing code and – can you believe this?! – I had to stop.

    Bottom line is that if I am writing code, leave me alone.

  13. Ella:

    When im at the gym or doing bills, sleeping.

  14. L Hochart:

    When I am eating

  15. zavia:

    When im at the gym and my afternoon nap.

  16. Navyshebee:

    When i ask to be left alone, unless you are bleeding or it is an emergency.

  17. Kayla:

    sleeping and reading and watching tv

  18. Hotchkiss:

    When I am working.

  19. Desiderata:

    When I’m talking.

  20. chelsea:

    when i’m on my ritalin busting out essays

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