Question 75

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  1. Doing what you love,
    and love what you are doing,
    even passion feels
    fading away when the path gets tough 🙂

  2. melinda:

    All i know is, this question made me feel like a pessimist.

  3. Anne:

    Why does one have to be more important?

  4. valerie:

    if you do what you love, you love what your doing… right?!

  5. Hannah:

    Aren’t they the same thing? If you love what you do, aren’t you doing what you love? I think so.

  6. sasa:

    to do what you love you have choice to do but to love what are you doing you don’t have choice

  7. either way makes me happy !

  8. Kitty:

    There is no difference.

  9. Romer Jed:

    Either would make me happy right now.

  10. Katie:

    i think that if you love what you are doing you it maybe be something you have grown into loving but if you do waht you love then you will have always loved it. overall not matter which one you are doing , if it makes you happy and love life then you know it is right

  11. They seem interchangeable to me.

  12. Although I guess it could be interpreted as a “state-of-mind” question.

    “Do what you love” implies you’ve reached the dreams you’ve had.
    “Love what you’re doing” implies you haven’t, but are just fine with the result.

    I don’t have an answer for this one. D:

  13. Sally anne:

    Do what i love, because if i do it because i love it. i love what im doing. So either way im happy (:

  14. Jenny:

    Thats the same thing. Good job.

  15. Oceaveth:

    At first I thought these were the same, but then I realized that loving what you do implies that you did not always enjoy it. Maybe you had other plans, but life took you somewhere else. Somewhere along that path, even if it was away from the original goals or dreams you had, you found that you love what you do. I think that is more important. I think it is important to find happiness in what you do, even if that was not your original plan.

  16. jewels:

    i just had to reply to this post because I’m volunteering in Cambodia right now and the background is a= photo of street children selling jewelry in front of Angkor. I don’t think the picture matches the question.

  17. S:

    to love what you are doing. you can’t always do something that you love, but if you can find enjoyment and happiness in whatever you do, then maybe it doesn’t matter.

  18. April:

    Do what you love. It’s your life, do what makes you happy.

  19. Nick:

    I think more on love what you’re doing.

  20. Julie Takase:

    do what you love and in turn you will love what you are doing.

  21. Rowena:

    That doesn’t make sense. If you’re do what you love… then won’t you love doing it?

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