Question 1173

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12 Responses to “Question 1173”

  1. shipra:

    My sleep and my office

  2. Brian:

    a gentle spirit working with a manipulative spirit

  3. sandy:

    stupidity and confidence

  4. Susan:

    chronic depression and sleep meds
    alcohol and anger
    religion and politics

  5. Kay:

    Vodka and orange juice!

  6. P.J.:

    A Bipolar and a Pychopath walk into a bar…

  7. Eljai:

    Me and drugs/alcohol, children and guns

  8. Randy Seabrook:

    Alcohol and anger.

  9. A:

    alcohol and depression

  10. Navyshebee:

    medication and alcohol= over emotional or violence

  11. Mar00n~H:

    a broken heart and a heartless person

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