Question 1177

Photo by: M.G. Kafkas

27 Responses to “Question 1177”

  1. harriet:


  2. Randy Seabrook:

    Pacific Coast Highway, California on a road trip with my Husband.

  3. shipra:

    Kashmir with my family

  4. Brian:

    Lesotho mountains in June

  5. Home.

  6. KK:

    I’m born and raised in the wonderful state of CA and I’ve never visited San Fransisco. I’ll be there this summer!!!!

  7. angelo:

    Military Basic training

  8. Eljai:

    The back of my eyelids.

  9. Susan:

    I’m looking forward to visiting New York City next week!

  10. Jodie:

    Hollywood, Florida

  11. Am counting the days to go to Salalah to visit my previous Son.
    God bless our children

  12. Precious not previous.

  13. zavia:

    salalah? in Pakistan?
    m going 2
    finland helsinki

  14. just_jess:

    Canada for the third time and Europe for the first time.

  15. Hotchkiss:

    Fairbanks, Alaska [The Auroral Zone]

  16. David:

    Anywhere in the world. 🙂

  17. vcm:

    the world in its’ beauty

  18. Grace:

    honestly? colleges. i’m enough of a nerd to be really excited about college trips, and to visit some twice. i’m also excited to go to bush gardens in a month. *rollercoaster fanatic*

  19. Going to Toronto, NYC, & Boston at the end of the month!

  20. alyah:

    The world..

  21. Heaven for a day so I could see the people who served my country

  22. Mei:

    My home country, but I still have to wait for a decade…… and the beach!!! i’ve always wanted to go to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve never been on one!!!!!

  23. Bala:

    Thailand ,Singapore & Malayasia

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  25. Joleen:

    A lot of places!
    Afrika, Australia, A part of USA, China, Schottland, Ireland…
    I love to travel ♥

  26. BubblesQ:

    Batanes & Sagada 🙂

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