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  1. I have had a dream to build a network marketing business for about 2 years. Just can’t get started. Its like pulling a bandaid off real slow.
    Started then stopped. Don’t even know why really.

  2. brian:

    touring our country

  3. Susan:

    Retiring and moving to another state

  4. Finishing my book.

  5. Writing music and singing to it…I’m too scared to be laughed at

  6. shipra:

    Write a book

  7. Navyshebee:

    To move onto 5 acres, with a cabin and half of it wooded , to live off grid , sustainably in a quiet secluded area.

  8. gillian:

    travel the world.

  9. rj:


  10. samia:

    there are too many

  11. wunmi:

    To establish a motherless baby home

  12. Belle:

    Weight loss for my senior year…..

  13. Unbelievaburgers:

    3-Way Tie:

    Enthroning that donkey
    Fucking to death that bitch from work
    Photographing the wild animals and savages of Africa for NatGeo

  14. Ashliegh:

    Making him mine, officially. He’s the only one who makes me feel so much better about myself and my life. I will change this soon.

  15. Mar00n~H:

    having a dream at one piont

  16. Natalie:

    sky diving in cape town

  17. MP:

    Learn sign language

  18. Yahira:

    Taking on the entertainment business.

  19. Tara:

    For a long long time I kept puting off my weightloss goal. Two months ago I finally decided enough was enough and I joined a program and a challenge group and they are going very well. To anyone who is struggling with weight loss, dont wait any longer. It is so worth it.

  20. Vilho Andreas:

    Creating a passive income as source of my money.

  21. BubblesQ:

    Travel *

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