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  1. When I was at my old High School, I directed the A.V. department. 1 year into it, a new principal came into power that didn’t like me or my position because I basically worked outside of the overview of the faculty. He started his reign with a consolidation of power which included trying to find a reason to replace me.

    Anyway, I dealt with it by becoming irreplaceable. I became the de facto computer tech for the administration and teachers, and I took it upon myself to rewire the A.V. system so only I could make it work all the time.

    It all came to nothing though. With no solid reason, he made up something about me being non-communicative with him and “fired” me. The joke was on him though, as the rest of the year was filled with failing tech around the school, and mics not working. So while I lost the position, in the end I had the last laugh as the whole system came crashing down around him.


  2. A Wise Fool:

    I’m trying to figure that out myself: My nation is going through the same thing.

    I like Trenton’s answer, though.

  3. valerie:

    i deal with this everyday at work and with the inlaws.
    i just keep doing what i do and that is to strive
    to be the best i can be. piss on people who are
    insecure and jealous!! i don’t have time for games.

  4. melinda:


  5. Romer Jed:

    I destroy them by using whatever resources and connections I have, but I do so in a way that is slow and steady.

    I build up evidence and witnesses, I turn people against that single and sole person until they have no one left by their sides.

    And then I crush what little dignity and position they have in a way that prevents them from stopping me from doing what I please.

    Dirty and mean, well yes. But effective? Of course.

    However, I only had to do that to three people in my lifetime so I generally don’t like using that method.

  6. Ally:

    I hope that they are intelligent enough to hear me out when confronted on the matter. To accept diplomacy, and to leave their personal opinions at the door.

    I’ve had a lot of people tell me I couldn’t do x, or even go so far as to hinder me from succeeding at x. After a while you ignore them until they are directly in front of you, at this point is conversation doesn’t work I leave. No use wasting my energy and time on people that don’t appreciate/like me.

  7. Let them fuck off. O:

  8. Anonymous:

    Try harder to succeed.

  9. Cricket:

    I look them in the eye, be polite, and smile. I won’t fail because of them.

  10. anne:

    try to find someone of higher power, that wants you to succeed.

  11. alli:

    I put up with what they tell me and do to me until i can get away, and even though it hurts and makes me want to quit, I then try my hardest to succeed at whatever they have deemed me to fail in; that way when I succeed, they shut up and realize that they have absolutely no power over me.

  12. Jenny:


  13. Catie Grace:

    I try to be the best I can be, and kill them with kindness.

  14. Alex:


  15. April:

    I don’t. haha I seem to just avoid the whole thing as much as possible.

  16. AR:

    Not allow them to win by not giving them a reason to fire me or denounce me. There’s nothing better than succeeding when someone doubts you.

  17. sodapop:

    beat ’em at their own game.

  18. Raven:

    Work harder to prove them wrong.

  19. Nick:

    Strive to prove him/her that he/she is wrong and I can do better. If he/she sabotages me, it’s his/her fault.

  20. Julie Takase:

    work hard.

  21. Rowena:

    Don’t give up.

  22. hexmage:

    Make them regret it.

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