Question 1223

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  1. Eljai:

    that I’m just a human…bein’. Lol

  2. Rob:

    Not a whole lot really, if it’s important to me that they understand something I strive to make sure I’m understood. If they don’t see it or get it, they’ll figure it out as they are supposed to

  3. L:

    That although I love talking about my brother, I hate talking about the fact that he died some year and a halve ago. I do not have answers to questions like ‘how are you coping?’ because I am not. I am going on, that’s all.

  4. KK:

    I have my struggle. It’s been a tough year. I don’t talk about it with many people so if I haven’t talked to them about it yet, I have no desire to do so. I wish people would stop asking!!!

  5. Arin:

    That my learning disorder and my mental health issues aren’t going to go away, they cannot be willed away. That they are inconsistent so just because i could do something yesterday, doesn’t mean I can today. That its not just my mood. MEds aren’t magical, losing weight isn’t magical. It’s how I am.

  6. Mazl:

    that just because of my poor vision I can no longer drive, I still like to be included and invited, that I am independent, I can get myself wherever I want and bring myself home

  7. Jacey:

    That even though I’m smiling, I’m not happy.

  8. Juliette:

    That I am more than this fat body that you see.

  9. A:

    That I am going through a hard time and I am fragile 🙁

  10. Justin:

    I wish they could see what my ex, now best friend always saw in me.

  11. Sophia Montez:

    I want them to understand my attitude, that this is me not anyone else!

  12. Audrey:

    That I’m not a happy person. I just put on a good act.

  13. Ellie:

    That there’s so much more going on in my head than I can express

  14. saunders:

    That even when I’m not beside the people I loved anymore, please don’t forget the whole time we’ve spent together. Don’t act like I’m just an old memory. Because I spare some spaces in myself for them. I never have bestfriends, and I want them to know that I consider them more than bestfriends, but my second home. Wherever I go, if I have one chance, I’ll choose them as my place to go back beside my first home.

  15. garfield:

    Just because I say “I’m always happy to LISTEN to you” it doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk too.

  16. msgemini:

    i dont necessarily wish they understand it
    but one thing i’m usually misunderstood for is anger for hurt

  17. Shannon:

    I wish more people understood type 1 diabetes. And that it won’t go away like type 2 can. Also that it messes with your head a little sometimes, not just casue of the side effects of the diabetes (confusion and irratation), but because you are faced with your on mortality at a young age.

  18. Taurean:

    That I’m not trying to be a know-it-all asshole. I’m just trying to help.

  19. jasmine:

    That i am actually a good person and i am willing to work hard if only i knew what it was i wanted

  20. Nic:

    That I’m not nearly as strong and confident as I appear. It’s a mask to stop myself from falling apart.

  21. Sally:

    my heart

  22. Michelle:

    That what I appear to be on the outside is not who I am on the inside & that I am multifaceted.

  23. BubblesQ:

    That Im going through a hard time right now *

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