Question 1244

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  1. J:

    Good healthy relationships have trust and respect. You have to believe that the other person isn’t there just to stab you in the back and that they will stand up for you. You also have to be equals in that if one person finds themselves superior to the other then the other individual will either find themselves walked on or alone.

  2. Mazl:

    A genuine liking of each other and a happiness and appreciation to be in their company

  3. Respect and trust.

  4. zavia:

    red hot chilli pepper ,and i hate that

  5. kutbock:

    trust,respect,love and the desire to work for that relationship…..

  6. The ability to change!

  7. garfield:

    Every good relationship has time apart to make you appreciate the time together.

  8. Eljai:

    Meeting healthy human needs in one another, affirming one another as fully human.

  9. Bismah:

    trust trust trust

  10. hal:

    A time limit.

  11. Jenina:


  12. Ashley:


  13. philo:

    beliveing one anothes

  14. Andrew:

    Friendship. After all, love is just friendship on fire.

  15. Pumba:

    Hope. Love. Respect. Honesty. Trust. Laughter.

  16. msgemini:

    communication and respect

  17. Shannon:

    trust, honesty and communication

  18. jasmine:

    deep friendship,trust and unconditional love

  19. Tommy:

    Well deserved trust.

  20. Understanding.

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