Question 1247

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16 Responses to “Question 1247”

  1. Brian:

    My wife

  2. Mazl:

    the love and faithfulness of my husband

  3. Eljai:

    My children’s health and success as adults

  4. Jamie:

    My wife and my children. Without each of them i would be forever lost and would never have understood my purpose in this life.

  5. Heidi:

    My family

  6. JANNIE:

    my kids- they are the ones that will stay with me forever but most of the time I take them for granted

  7. Jenina:

    My parents.. Honestly, I find it hard to express my love for them.

  8. Yahira:

    My parents

  9. philo:

    Each and every people crossing in my life and who are making me strong enough to live rest of my life..

  10. kaly:

    A house, my family, Timmy, going to school, computer, tv, food, clothes

  11. msgemini:

    my parents

  12. Tracey:

    My Mum, Dad, three amazing younger siblings and the roof over my head

  13. Shannon:

    My daughter, my mother, my boyfriend. 🙁

  14. Mary: every thing I have never taken for granted.

  15. Freedom

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