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  1. Quite simply put, my faith in God is what sustains me. I’m sure this will seem narrow-minded, or naive, but I honestly don’t know how atheists get up every morning thinking that their life has no grand meaning. So there’s my opinion for what it’s worth.


  2. Udit:

    I hope you dont mind linking the photo from your website. If theres a problem please let me know and I will remove the link to the photo. 🙂

  3. valerie:

    my family.

  4. My “thinking too much” 😉

  5. Valerie:


  6. Lucas:

    bacon on a physical level, hope on a spiritual.

  7. passion:


  8. melinda:

    depends on the day.

  9. Romer Jed:

    My hopefulness that it will get better with time and effort.

  10. Dani:

    the thought of a better tomorrow

  11. Ally:

    Water <—- Corporeal

    The Outdoors
    My Family <—- Incorporeal
    My Lover

  12. ross:

    it sounds lame, but basketball is what sustains me. if i couldnt play, i dont know what i would do with myself

  13. Josh:

    I’m a hopeless romantic, what can i say?

    but if pressed for a less corny sounding answer then i might also say that because I can always do better. So long as i keep on going I still have a chance to make my masterpiece, to tell her I love her, to learn something I didn’t yesterday. Now the real question there is if I’ll use my time wisely enough to do all that.

  14. it sounds lame, but basketball is what sustains me. if i couldnt play, i dont know what i would do with myself

  15. Irep Ewor:

    My love for him.

  16. That foreigner in my algebra class (and my French class next year) who I just can’t stop thinking about; every time I do I feel sadder than anything, but then I remember his smile or his voice and – that is what keeps me through the day.

  17. Anonymous:

    My boyfriend and motivation to move closer to him.

  18. Anon E. Moose:

    When I’m down, or I’m feeling without hope there are only two things that really cheer me up and get me going again. My girlfriend is my rock, she helps me keep myself together. I know that I have to be strong for her.

    In regards to freedom, nothing compares to my car and the feeling of driving. Driving is what relaxs me at the end of the day. It’s what puts my mind to ease. There is a certain feeling of freedom I get when I’m driving 80k on the backstreets, all lights off, windows down, music on…
    Nothing compares.

  19. Random Thoughts:


  20. Jenny:

    Music and my loves.


    mentally: my supporter my best friend 🙂

  22. Most days, I survive on nothing more than a simply thought:

    I am the only one who can live my life.

    Keeps me breathing.

  23. April:

    The guy I love.

  24. kim:

    The small amount of love I have for myself.

    My younger sister, who is my best friend, who looks up to me, and who knows me best.

    My boyfriend, who I have weathered all the storms with for over a year, and who continues to teach me about myself and what it is to unconditionally love.

  25. Monica:

    That I will finally see him again 121 days.

  26. Gem:

    hope that i’ll share times with my friends in the future, and the music and lyrics of my favourite musicians that constantly offer hope, peace and support 🙂

  27. Ris:

    Knowing that my sisters would be devestated if something happened to me keeps me going more than anything. I don’t want to put them through any pain because of my own selfish actions.

  28. Andrea:

    God and Music

  29. Megan:

    Thoughts of the future

  30. Nick:


    My family

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