Question 1250

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21 Responses to “Question 1250”

  1. dada:

    finish college, get pregnant …

  2. Mazl:

    from performing …. from speaking publicly ….. from saying NO when I know I should ….

  3. jj:

    From going on.

  4. Anwesha:

    From falling in LOVE….

  5. philo:

    To tell wat im.. as bcoz it may hurt the opponent..

  6. KK:

    Leaving and starting over.

  7. tash:

    Pursue competitive swimming

  8. ana:

    everything,from driving to getting out of here, fear has kept me frozen in place

  9. kaly:

    driving, saying my opinions to people, unschooling, getting out of early college program and Econ., having free time, completely expressing myself

  10. msgemini:

    fear of letting go has stopped me from breaking out of my comfort zone and i feel like im missing out on alot in life

  11. Alex:

    Saying “I love you” to him…

  12. Shannon:

    fear of being lied to has stopped me from trusting even when i know i should

  13. Mary:

    Being firm with my son.becoz of a fear he will disregard me.

  14. Alex:

    Living how I want and am meant to be.

  15. jasmine:

    going back to school

  16. Tommy:

    Confessing my love. Going to college. Enrolling in officer programs. Stopping my Dad from hurting my brothers and sister.

  17. Nic:

    Fear has stopped me from forming relationships with people, as the walls I put up due to fear of being hurt keep them away.

  18. Telling a boy I was in love with him. Moving away from a city where I was unhappy. Leaving my job, until circumstance forced me to. Keeping in touch with friends. Being able to think clearly about the path that’s right for me in life. Building a mature relationship with my mother. Being the best person I can in my relationship. Living with vigor and vitality.

  19. BubblesQ:

    Im claustrophobic. I love to do scuba dive, but fear is holding me back.

  20. Juliet:

    Killing myself

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