Question 1270

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30 Responses to “Question 1270”

  1. Rob:

    I hope to learn to be better at my job, I hope to be able to pay off my car, I hope to travel more.

  2. Karen:

    I hope work for my husband’s business picks up a bit so Christmas won’t be so tight financially.

  3. dada:

    to travel more

  4. ATu:

    I hope I am happy and also have a baby !

  5. Kajsa:

    That I finish school and move abroad!

  6. Kk:

    I hope that we can afford a loan for a third try at IVF. I hope that we’re able to afford to move closer to my husband’s job and my fertility dr. I HOPE I’LL GET PREGNANT AND HAVE A HEALTHY BABY.

  7. CMD:

    I hope that I can find work and build my new house!

  8. BB:

    I hope that I meet someone and fall in love! I also hope that I pass my boards for medical school.

  9. Phatz:

    Attracting more positive energys

  10. Eljai:

    That all my kids visit me here.

  11. Tara:

    I hope I will be comfortable in my own skin, find out what I want to do with my life, and meet someone who changes my life forever.

  12. Katrina:

    Something SPECTACULAR. Whatever happens I want a story, an epic story – it doesn’t need to be happy – perhaps it will be tragic – but it’s still a story and it will still define who I am.

  13. JP:

    I hope I can finally afford to buy a house and be on my own. I love my parents, but I am almost 25 and ready to do my thing without them looking over my shoulder.

  14. JRB:

    I hope 2014 is an epic year! I hope to get our bills paid off. I hope to sell our condo that has been on the market for 6 years. Ihope to lose the weight I have gained and feel healthy again. I hope to save some money. I hope the economy improves so everyone can start living again. I hope there will be less violence!

  15. Kragmonius:

    That I could move to Florida. I miss the sunshine!

  16. Mary:

    I reach my ideal weight which is 14 kilos less.My sons realizes my worth slowly but surely.standing up for myself more often.

  17. Laura:

    Find a job.

  18. pau:

    I just hope to see my family happy and healty, to find a job and to find someone who can appreciate me for who I am! 🙂

  19. Maureen:

    That I finally realise my worth, start believing in myself and finally start rising from this depression. I hope to get a good job and be content with my life and find love,from within and outside.

  20. jasmine:

    I hope i get back together with my ex boyfriend and get married to him but anyway my biggest hope is finding my life path what i am meant to be truly doing

  21. Gh:

    I hope I don’t get caught.

  22. Anonymous:

    I hope he likes me. I hope that we will get to know each other, become close, and maybe start a relationship.

  23. cynical:

    I overcome my addiction

  24. Tiffany:

    I hope my husband and I have a second baby as awesome as our first.

  25. To accept and come to terms with myself and therefore let go of overwhelming negative emotions.

  26. Joleen:

    I hope that I find my one love 😉
    I hope I find out what I want from the future…

  27. Pia:

    That I pay off my student loan!

  28. BubblesQ:

    I hope my brother will be drug free *

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