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  1. krissy:

    I think it’s because we love them so much that we would put their happiness before of our own.

  2. If we really, truly love someone, then we show it in a number of ways. One way is to put their needs and considerations before our own. Unfortunately, this many times put us in the position of having to “let them go” as it were.


  3. Candice:

    True love is not a prison it’s liberating. When you love someone on the level that you cannot let them go, it is an act of imprisoning yourself. The moment you can truly let them go, you open your heart to more love than you ever imagined.

  4. Romer Jed:

    I’m trying my hardest to let her go… but truth be told, I knew she was never fully mine in the first place.

  5. Mags:

    Love is not always easy. Sometimes love is not always fair either. To keep someone close when it is hurting them. When they can spread their wings else where is selfish. True love is being loving them enough to give them that chance to build their wings. Then you pray that they will one day use those wings to fly back to you.

  6. Because, to love is to disregard ourselves and put “that person” first.

  7. Kelly:

    Because real love is when their (possibly unknown) needs are your responsibility

  8. Anonymous:

    You put them first.

    If you truly love someone, let them go. If they come back, then it was meant to be. If not, then they were never yours to begin with.

  9. Kelsey:

    When you truly, deeply and completely love someone, your own wants and needs become secondary. I’d like to compare this thought to a situation I was once in…

    I was involved in a long distance relationship, one in which I would do anything to make our visits more frequent; seeing him was at that point the most exciting feeling imaginable. So when he started mentioning moving overseas for a job, I would never object, but instead just feel sick and miserable because subconsciously I wanted us to move to the same location. However, as time progressed, and I loved him enough to “let him go,” we ended the relationship because I did not want it to hinder his chances of achieving a career he had worked his entire life to obtain.

    Deep down, I somehow still feel that when the person you love is the person you are actually meant to end up with, you won’t have to be made to let them go…

  10. Sally anne:

    Letting them go, will only make you stronger. If it’s ment to be it will happen.

  11. Jenny:

    You love them to the point of not only giving them their own happiness, but also your own.

  12. Flower:

    Because it’s for the better.
    You just have to know that life goes on with or without them.

    They will love again, as will you.

  13. Emmie:

    Because you have to trust them not to leave.

  14. April:

    Sometimes their life will be happier if you just let them go. If you truly love them, then you’ll still love them and let them have what they want even if it doesn’t include you. It’s soooo hard to do, but if you really love them, then you’ll do it.

  15. Omar:

    Because this is the toppest meaning of LOVE.

  16. Ris:

    Sometimes if we truly love a person, we have to let them go because they will be better off, no matter how much it hurts us to do so. Letting them follow their path shows a deeper devotion that selfishly making them stay.

  17. Z:

    Being willing to let someone you love deeply go means that you love them more than yourself and that you want whats best for them. If they were to leave, because it was whats best for them you would experience great pain. When you love someone “enough to let them go” it means that you care more about what is best for them than what is best for you.

  18. Nick:

    Because you care for them and if you want them to be happy for what they choose, you should let them go.

  19. Julie Takase:

    because you can’t keep people trapped.

  20. deepak:

    I agree with all above comments…

    When you love someone…. you can do anything say anything for them… and letting them go is a miniscule thin in this course…

    smile because your love is happy…

  21. dawson:

    When I found this I met a woman that I thought was the perfect one but later she tells me that “I just don’t’t have those feelings for you anymore”. for many months I tried to get her to take me back because I did truly loved her. I couldn’t let her go I kept and still do hope she’s doing alright. I would still give my life for her no matter what. this was and is true love just like those fairy tales but then after many months I realized that i f I do truly love her I HAVE to let her go. I can’t try to force her into my life again just to make me happy I have to let her live HER life. I still love her and I always will.

  22. Michael:

    ‘Cause you only know you love her when you let her go~

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