Question 1281

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15 Responses to “Question 1281”

  1. Susan:

    Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wouldn’t change that experience for anything. Big blessing.

  2. Mazl:

    Not having children then adopting two – just the greatest blessing imaginable

  3. jj:

    Having a tough childhood with complicated divorced parents and a life in two different countries/worlds…definitely got me valuable lessons for life.

  4. Rob:

    Divorce. Best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve learned what’s really important, and who my real friends are

  5. lynn:

    Many years ago I got lost while hiking and spent a horrible night in the elements wondering if I’d live. I did, but with a renewed awareness of what is really important in life and what isn’t.

  6. Eljai:

    I don’t believe blessings are disguised. We may not accept or recognize or appreciate them, but nothing and no one is playing hide and go seek with us. The philosophy that God is hiding in the “small stuff” or that we have to seek to discover some hidden meaning or purpose etc is not part of my belief system.

  7. Getting divorced. She is happy with her new guy, I am happy with my life.

  8. Ceci:

    Faith is a gift from God. That gift is my biggest blessing in disguise. It cured my sister from terminal stomach cancer face 3. This was almost 7 years ago. Somehow she decided not to like our family any more. She wont take phone calls or read emails, But still I know she is alive, and knowing that she has spent the last 7 years with her little sons, definitely is a great blessing. I am a mother of two daughters. Being a mother is also a big blessing. Its not an easy matter. It comes with ups and downs, but I would not change one of the tears I have cried for them.

  9. Randy Seabrook:

    Losing the job I thought was my dream job. I have accomplished so much more than I ever imagined.

  10. jasmine:

    Meeting my host family in Switzerland. they have truly impacted my life and changed it in ways i did not expect the first time i met them.

  11. Shri:

    Not having a sibling.. for they had to go through the same pain that I have been.
    Being the only child, All my life I’ve cried and wished for a sibling… today I understand why.

  12. Tommy:

    Getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Luckily, I didn’t injure anyone, and I learned my lesson before I did.

  13. Sarah:

    Having my participation in BDSM disclosed to my friends and colleagues. Contrary to my expectations, they’ve been really supportive of my right to do as I choose and now I don’t feel that I have to hide part of my life: I can just be myself.

  14. pmb:

    My grandson.

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