Question 1283

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  1. Mazl:

    I’ve made it almost to the end ….. …… …

  2. Jim:

    My wife adjusted to our location.

  3. Felicia:

    The Time spent with my mom before she passed away

  4. Tapestry:

    I had someone to come home to after a bad case of nerves in another country.

  5. Randy Seabrook:

    My husband recovered from a potentially life threatening health issue and I am so grateful to God for sparing his life. He is my anchor and a blessing to me from God.

  6. jasmine:

    My sister finally getting to build that house she always wanted.

  7. Gh:

    I didn’t get caught sneaking out to see my boyfriend, i could latterly get killed for this, I just love him so much and I can’t stop even though I risk my life every time I see him.

  8. Kim:

    The start of a special friendship. We’ve got so much in common and for the first time in years I can totally be myself with someone other than my husband.

  9. Janice Smith:

    Finally feeling ready for the next step.

  10. Zainab:

    I spent all of my husband’s savings on one year master degree in England but I failed in the Translation Project. I was extremely disappointed but God gave me another chance. The university allowed me to resubmit the project within 4 months. I am really greatful for that.

  11. Crystal:

    My step daughter’s salvation and restoration to sobriety.

  12. Maureen:

    That I was there for my aunt at her worst, even though she passed away, I owed her a lot and was glad I got to repay her how I could best.

    Also that I finally discovered what was really going on within myself. Even though I am yet to overcome it, knowing what is ailing you is half the problem and enables you to slowly begin a healing process.

  13. Beginning the journey to mental wellbeing

  14. annie:

    open sky. a wonderful wilderness therapy program in colorado. it changed my life.

  15. BubblesQ:

    It`s early January 2015 — for 2014, it would be “not working with my previous company” — I was already exhausted there, no longer happy *

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