Question 1285

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26 Responses to “Question 1285”

  1. Stephanie:

    Writing code. Taking pictures. Cooking my own recipes. In general, any time I’m creating, it’s me.

  2. P:

    Dancing, traveling, massage

  3. Mazl:

    playing the piano, walking, cycling, doing anything outdoors, being with dogs, cooking, singing,

  4. Ais:

    reading,writing,chatting with my friends, walking/jogging

  5. Kajsa:

    Hanging out with my friends

  6. Eljai:

    Working on my art. talking with friends. Interacting with pets and listening to Marilyn Manson music

  7. Jim:

    Reading, writing and swimming.

  8. Tammy:

    exercising, hiking, being in nature

  9. Diana:


  10. Doreen:

    Crafting, knitting, sewing,

  11. Janice Smith:

    Walking in the woods, watching a sunset, and hanging out with my best friends.

  12. Wanton:

    Dancing, writing, observing nature.

  13. ROBERT:

    13 years past my beautiful baby boy was dying in a hospital with an aggressive type of cancer which took form in his baby kidneys and traveled up and into his beautiful heart … my beautiful baby boy was going to die. The hospital put out an emergency plea for a certain type of blood and within minutes 100’s of peoples ( people who we did not know ) came forward and as a result my beautiful baby boy survived . As a result of this experience i find that giving more then 100% of myself to help people in need makes me feel more than 100% of myself. .

  14. Tommy:

    Taking pictures, mainly outdoor scenery and wildlife. Once I get started, it seems like every sense I have is five times more effective than at any other part of my day. Even if I don’t get any good pictures, it feels good to try out the ideas I come up with.

  15. Krunal:

    running in the early morning

  16. Nic:

    Writing, yoga and meditation. Actually, it’s odd that those are things I don’t do often enough any more – they keep on getting pushed aside by “life”.

  17. anon:

    Music, writing, volunteering

  18. Melo:


  19. Debbie:

    Painting and being with my mom

  20. pmb:

    playing with my grandson, hanging out with my daughter, husband and son-n-law

  21. Writing. Eating. Wearing comfortable clothes. Being warm. Being with the man I love and having a calm time together. Doing my art, getting my hands dirty. Cooking. Looking at my creative output of the past. Being in a social exchange where I express myself as much and as freely as other people. Losing control once in a while.

  22. Emma:

    Cooking, throwing parties and hugging.

  23. Joleen:

    writing, traveling, music, talking with my best friends and the most: being near by the sea!

  24. BubblesQ:

    Seriously — going to the beach, away from the city, road trips with my friends — ugh! I MISS THEM 😐

  25. nirvmuch:

    crafting, (playing with paper), singing, reading. just chilling with myself

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