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  1. Felicia:

    Time spent together Through the Best and worse moments .During the worst a listening ear and In the best laughing about something small and funny that happened during the Worst days .Real Friendship

  2. Mazl:

    It’s that special feeling, some indescribable quality, an acceptance without demands, that you share when you are (or were) together

  3. Rob:

    They accept you as you are, you know you can count on them.

  4. Susan:

    UNCONDITIONAL love. Always. Without fail.

  5. P:

    They way they hurt you when you invested your whole self into the relationship

  6. Janice Smith:

    When they help to shape who you become.

  7. George:

    Small things that only you share or big experiences you’ve gone through together.

  8. Wanton:

    The way they make me smile.

  9. cynical:

    Their ‘genuine’ concern for you.

  10. dd11:

    Knowing that they are always there…

  11. Cate:

    I feel like a better me when I am with them and they feel they same way.

  12. The fact they pray with you, and they take time and hear you and wont give advice unless you ask. With Nonjudgmental, considerate and kind words.

  13. anon:

    Not forgetting you

  14. Maureen:

    When they do something really wonderful for you when you need it but do not expect it. that they stood with you at your worst.

  15. Hannah:

    When you see them, even after a year has passed, it’s as if you just saw them yesterday, and neither of you ever runs out of things to talk about.

  16. Debbie:

    One who allows you to be you and them to be them

  17. Bad as well as good memories

  18. Sally:


  19. BubblesQ:

    Being there for you when you have a problem even if they have not seen you for how many months *

  20. Unbelievaburgers:

    His “butt water” trick

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