Question 1290

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  1. I wouldn’t ignore my friends when they were on the brink of suicide like I was this week. My girlfriend was the only one to help me, her and looking at this site helped me.

  2. ROBERT:

    I Would never force a sex partner to perform a sexual act that is contrary to his/her will…

  3. I won and you can't stand it!:

    I could not live with myself if I excluded a family member (brother & his wife) from my home, my life, all family events and still claim to be a ‘wonderful Catholic Christian.’ Basically be a hypocrite and threaten suicide every time I didn’t get my way. Penny for your thoughts. . .

  4. cynical:

    Manipulate them, backbite them, hurt them intentionally, make them feel inferior

  5. Daphne:

    Intentionally make them feel unworthy or less than whole.

  6. Milo:

    I’d never say that I’d NEVER do something to someone else.

  7. zavia:

    Neither avoid nor ignore anybody

  8. Intimus:

    Forget them.

  9. anon:

    Steal their right to keep thoughts unsaid.

  10. Maureen:

    Make them feel worthless

  11. Melo:

    I’d never intentially inflict serious phyiscal harm

  12. Debbie:

    Hurt them intentionally

  13. Phoebe:

    I would not leave another person when they need to talk. I’d always be there for them .

  14. pmb:

    Hurt them intentionally

  15. I think I have crossed most boundaries in the past, but in the future I hope never to hurt anyone intentionally ever again.

  16. phoebe:

    cheat on them

  17. BubblesQ:

    CHEAT *

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