Question 1301

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32 Responses to “Question 1301”

  1. Susan:

    I say “Relax. God’s got this.”

  2. Intimus:

    “I’ve seen this in a movie before.”

  3. Stephanie:

    The world is good, and everything will work out.

  4. Eljai:

    To not take it personally. Things happen, not to assign a mystical meaning to them. Do the next right thing.

  5. Moran:

    Everything will be OK

  6. Unbelievaburgers:


  7. Debbie:

    This will pass. Everything will work out as it should.

  8. Alicia:

    I count my blessings and try to focus on anything positive, there is always always always something to be thankful for! <3

  9. Me:

    “this too shall pass”

  10. amin khajavi:

    certainly god put sth on it and it can be always good.

  11. Steve:

    It’s all part of the adventure.

  12. Choi:

    “This problem also will pass.”

  13. Nancy:

    Open the eyes of my heart~

  14. Melo:

    “Better than something worse” 😛

  15. Aki:

    “I know I can fix it! I always do!”

  16. I am still alive and I can Change

  17. Debbie:

    There’s no horrors in life; just temporary obstacles

  18. Ria:

    Gospel of Matthew chapters 6 and 7.

  19. Sara Chase:

    This too will pass …

  20. Mel:

    “this to shall pass”
    “there is always somebody way worse off than me”

  21. Phoebe:

    This is something temporary. I shall find the sunshine in the rain. And always treat myself to something nice, ice cream or a drink.

  22. Wendy:

    it always gets better

  23. AVINASH:

    I’m only exhausting all that can go wrong….


    It’s going to get better & then I start thinking about all the things I am grateful for.

  25. Debbie vdw:

    Everything will be ok in the end … If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.

  26. We’ll all be dead soon

  27. Kevin:

    What can i do to make it right

  28. Bebsyceballos:

    “Tho you won’t make it, you’re still beautiful *insert my name*” 🙂

  29. Sally:

    That God has a better plan than I could ever dream of for myself

  30. Yiğit:

    Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. I will fix it as i always do. Nothing can stop me. Everything is in my hands…

  31. Tammy B:

    Above the clouds the sun will always shine!

  32. Joleen:

    You just learn from your own mistakes.
    And just the dead people are making no mistakes: Is that better?

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