Question 1307

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13 Responses to “Question 1307”

  1. Mel:

    as I age, I am a much more black and white person, I have far more common sense

  2. Steve:

    Mel, I think you’re right. When I was young so many things were “negotiable.” Over the years I have learned that right and wrong, light and dark, good and bad are not negotiable. It’s that simple. It’s awfully easy to rationalize and start calling good bad and bad good. Now, that being said, I have also learned to be much more open minded and much more compassionate and careful about what I call right and wrong.

  3. Janice Smith:

    I have come to realize that it is relative and no actions are innately “right” or “wrong”, they are simply interpreted in a negative or positive light depending on one person’s perspective. There is a continuum that things lie on so while I saw black and white in my youth, I have come to learn that it was an oversimplification of the world around me.

  4. sonu:

    During my school days I thought right was d right thing for everyone n wrong always wrong,somehow it was easier to diff b/w right n wrong but now life’s not that simple I hav realized that right n wrong are relative,wat is wrong for us might not be so for others ,that every thing has 2 sides like that of a coin

  5. Yes, it is easier to see the black and white with clarity, but softly emerging from the fog of youth comes a radiant ability to tolerate those who appear wrong. Judgement leaves about the same time your hair does. As life evolves, the pain of experience softens one’s need to dominate someone else’s position of right. That said, there also filters in a new courage to stand against evil; a child being hit; a woman verbally abused. It is no longer possible to sit by and watch and wonder what should be done. Right stands firm and opens your mouth despite danger.

  6. Phoebe:

    It used to be that the white was the right and the wrong was black. But as I grew up, a lot of things changes. You can do the wrong thing if it means the right thing in the end. So as I grew up, I learn to treat every situation differently. There is not one right thing for a situation that can be used in another. Frankly speaking, I am still learning and it frustrates me that sometimes, my judgement is being judged. No matter how fair or right I think I am doing something, there will always be someone else who think that this wouldn’t work. They’re my family that is. So, I learn the art of trusting myself more and more each day.

  7. Eljai:

    I understand them now as human concepts, important tools for living in community, but not absolute truths that exist on their own.

  8. Intimus:

    I have started to look at things from every perspective possible!

  9. Jangelbelle:

    I just follow my own sense of justice…

  10. I realised it wasn’t weak to listen to my conscience.

  11. Logan:

    I learned doing the right thing wasn’t weak, and doing the wrong thing wasn’t cool.

  12. rayneir:

    Everything is a shade of grey. You do what you got to do. Being able to justify yourself to self is all that matters.

  13. Kennedy:

    The older I get the easier it is to form my own opinions.

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