Question 1315

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26 Responses to “Question 1315”

  1. susan:

    Change my hair color

  2. P:

    eat what i wanted to. quit college and travel the world.

  3. mark:

    sing and dance!!!

  4. Mazl:

    buy a Harley

  5. Kyle:

    I would take what was needed and no more, to Feed the Hungry, Help the Old and the Young, distribute wealth to all.

  6. I would leave my town and be a bum somewhere where nobody knows me.

  7. Doreen:

    I will stand up to bullies and unbehaving teenagers in public

  8. AT:

    Give an earful to few people

  9. Intimus:

    Wear a new hat to school every day!

  10. Sulekha:

    I will leave this job and start exploring the world..exploring what i can do to help people in need around me. Work for myself and stop doing this job because others want me to.

  11. Exactly what I am doing…

  12. Dance sing be more myself

  13. Debbie vdw:

    I would become self-employed.

  14. Trista Medrith Bryant:

    Not be so worried all day about what I look like, and I am pretty tho it doesn’t seem to make a difference.. Id be comfortable

  15. Nancy:

    Keep chasing the woman I love

  16. Joie de vivre:

    Be even more eccentric than I am now

  17. Dorothy:

    Being myself, wearing what i like to wear ( I think at age 50 I, pretty ok, everybody lies my taste) I have 2 beautiful daughters ages 31 and 29 , such a good girls, we love each other so much
    Not to be critize by my boyf, not fiancee any more, I said no because i feel he needs to learn a lot !!!

    Being myself, don’t listen to his crab when Im dressing or taking shower o bath !!! I can’t even take a bath or shower without stressing out because of his comments like O;; your ass got a little bigger !!! Your arm got bigger !!! Can you believe it ?? And Im 10 “11 and my weight about 150 lb. Im 50 years old with 2 beautiful daughters 31 and 29. Wow!!! I trying to be an active but lately with my hormonal situation and probably his remarks I dont feel good about myself mentally and psychically!!! So sad ! Because he is so jugmental mentally and psychically!! I know Im beautiful ( for my age, people always asking , when im with my daughters “” Are you sisters”” Please don’t get me wrong but i had my kids when i was 19. A dot know what to do ?Overroll he is a good guy but he is obsesses with slim girls, so critical towards extra pounds!!! He is an average 52, doesn’t go to the gym, not doing much !!! Any advice !! because basically im done with him!!


  18. aldona:


  19. Dorothy:


  20. SKY:


  21. kora:

    talk about ‘hippy bullshit’ all the time, its so uncool and naiave to most people but its who i am god damn it!!! i have faith in the universe, and i have magic powers! also wear my gold velvet hotpants lots more -that i dont wear much cos im a little bit chubby and its not a respectable outfit

  22. Logan:

    Do all the things I tell myself “No, you’ll embarrass yourself” to.
    Be loud, dance, sing, honest, and proud.
    I’d wear the clothes I want to wear, say all the things I keep bottled up, and just stop caring.
    I’d be so much happier. I’m gonna try, for a week, pretending that no one cares what I do. Because they don’t.

  23. rayneir:

    Reduce social interactions considerably

  24. Leks:

    Eat all the food I want
    And wear a 2 piece swim suite

  25. Wayne C.:

    To be honest there isn’t very much I don’t do because of fear of being judged but I’d say I’d go for a ride with my skateboard naked if nobody could judge me 😀

  26. id pee on the dinner table

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