Question 1324

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33 Responses to “Question 1324”

  1. Kat:

    Smoking….black lung

  2. Lucy:

    The internet.


  4. Mazl:

    mindless overeating

  5. Abdel:

    Smoking…It can xause death to both smokers and non-smokers!

  6. Abdel:

    I meant *Cause*

  7. P:

    Complaining. “Past digging.” “Future tripping.” Comparing. Gossipping. Blaming. Hating. Judging.

  8. Doreen:


  9. Hannah:


  10. Debbie:

    People being unkind or rude

  11. Debbie vdw:

    Being ‘too’. Too boring, too selfish, too voiceless, too …

  12. Yvonne:

    stop rehearsing the past hurts

  13. Eljai:


  14. Bernadette:


  15. Kevin:

    Being unhappy

  16. Intimus:

    Saying “like” in every sentence – everyone speaks in similes.

  17. janel:

    comparing yourself to others.

  18. Not challenging our negative mindsets.

  19. Gossip. Nothing good comes from gossip.

  20. wanton:


  21. Sally:

    giving others OUR solutions to their problems instead of helping them to find their own

  22. Mhavz:


  23. Marti:


  24. Neznayou:

    DISHONESTY… with oneself… with loved ones… with anyone…

  25. Alicia Marie:


  26. Logan:

    Being unhealthy and being so fearful.
    I’m working on it.

  27. Leandro:


  28. Emma:

    Thinking that our neighbours life is better than our own; not being thankful for the things we have.

  29. Wayne C.:

    Insecurities and self-criticism. It simply doesn’t make sense to beat yourself up!

  30. Heidi:

    Constantly checking our phones/tablets/facebook

  31. BubblesQ:

    Gossiping *

  32. Grace:

    The continual fear that opening up to people makes us weak.

  33. ClashofClansKing:


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