Question 1331

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25 Responses to “Question 1331”

  1. Mazl:

    Always God – but also my grandmother when I was younger and then along came my husband: he is always there for me !!

  2. Debbie:

    My mother. Always.

  3. God is always there for me. And he’s always ready to accept me for who I am and help me move on.

    Also, my sweet wife has been there for me as long as I’ve known her. For all these years she’s been by my side for better or for worse. She is God’s gift to me. She is my better half.

  4. Eljai:

    The Sun, my eldest sister, reality

  5. Athira:

    God was there for me as my dad mom teacher

  6. Kat:

    God and my kids

  7. Moran:

    My dog. He always listens, never judges. Knows when i’m down and stays at my side. Always happy to see me, no matter what. BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!

  8. sue:


  9. Tiki:

    #1,God.thourh my own human reasoning tries to tell me that He shouldn’t love me, He always proves it otherwise.He’s always there,always faithful and Loving.
    My family too, but only as much as I reveal to them.

  10. Juddles:

    Mum and Sister

  11. myself

  12. Katie:

    My amazing mother

  13. Mhavz:

    Myself and God. HE never fails me.

  14. My mother, and bestfriends

  15. Specially God

  16. Neznayou:

    my Husband… even through his pain at my betrayal he continues to love me

  17. Mreedzz:

    My mother and my bestfriends.

  18. Logan:

    I’m atheist, but sometimes I enjoy believing that my dog that died a few weeks ago made it to some happy-after-death place. So I guess a mixture of myself and my dog.

  19. Heaven:


  20. Lawrence:

    my puppy love when i was young..
    God always

  21. Thao:

    My shadow

  22. Drew:

    My sister, always has been and I can count on her always being there in the future

  23. BubblesQ:

    Aside from HIM up there, my family and friends has always been there for me 🙂

  24. madelyn:


  25. Madi:

    My mom forsure

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