Question 2

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  1. there are couple of things i’ve done recently that i will keep feeling good about, after time passed.

    i started doing exercises involving my family.

    i finished most of my nights by reading instead of watching stuff.

    i traveled in train and stayed peaceful for the most of the long term trip.

  2. Mike:

    spent time playing with a grandchild

  3. Ehsaan:

    if people often did things “worth remembering”, the value of those memories would decrease.

  4. bobby:

    Yes, but that’s my secret 🙂

  5. Jason:

    I’ve traveled across the country, to meet people i’ve never met, and just live my life how i want to. (Here’s the secret… i’m only 18 years old)

  6. every day i sped here with my best friends is worth remembering.

  7. every day i spend here with my best friends is worth remembering.

  8. April:

    I learned to cherish someone I love the most because I never know if I’ll never feel his arms wrapped around me again.

  9. fenixdemilo:

    Can’t really say that anything I’ve been doing lately is worth remembering, except from a college point of view

  10. Janie:

    No. I live the same day every day. I’m only 19, and that scares the living hell out of me.

  11. Tom:

    punched a punchbag so hard and for so long my hands bled. im so angry, frustrated and upset about a woman i have no other way to vent these emotions

  12. Aimee:

    Everything is worth remembering. The good to be happy, the bad to learn, and everything in between to build a life on.

  13. Lauren:

    Something I’ve done recently that I would like to remember… How recently? I guess my latest report card, the comments on it, my results on my last physics test 🙂 and volunteering. It’s my go-to memory that makes me happy every time.

  14. Amanda:

    All the times I’ve spent with my family, friends, and boyfriend are worth remembering!

  15. Rebekah:

    Returning to school despite my illness and several cruel people who believe that I am faking it for attention.

  16. Ris:

    I played my last and biggest concert in high school without my sister there watching me like she always had since our freshman year. Not the best memory, but still something to remember.

  17. Diva:

    I really listened to someone who really needed an ear. Sometimes what you do for others can fill you with a sense of personal accomplishment.

  18. RubenRybnick:

    yes yes i have….

  19. Nick:

    Maybe the first time I tried tennis. It was really painful but fun.

  20. Helping my brothers do their school/college work. I always do that, but to me its worth remembering because it makes me feel good about myself 🙂

  21. Morgan:

    I’ve fallen in love.

  22. Fallenstar:

    Coming to think of it, not really. Been shuffling through my father’s music collection and I enjoyed cathegorizing it and putting the proper tags and images onto the ripped MP3s. Also, I called my girlfriend a fairytale recently (which was meant as a compliment).
    But the ultimate answer is no. Nothing really worth remembering. Will have to do something about that.

  23. Alice:

    i learned how to learn

  24. Michael Hitchcock:

    Of course I have.

    I spend an hour at the end of the day thinking or writing about what I’ve done worth remembering.

    Yesterday I wrote poetry during the day (some of which were by request and very appreciated), performed modern dance at night (and confronted a personal psychological limitation re: my interactions with others and my weakness to/resistance of perceived demands), and discovered exactly why I don’t like bars and accepted that I no longer have to try to like them. I too readily soak up the ugly atmosphere and I do not find it pleasant.

    Each of these and more are probably worth remembering. But I won’t get bogged down in a museum of my own making. I’ll trust myself to remember them in their proper context.

    Thanks for the question. Right place, right time.

  25. Yes.. Spending more time with my beautiful mom.. =)

  26. ze:

    Spent 4 hours paying it forward.

  27. Rachael:

    No I haven’t… I’m in high school, I feel like I can’t do anything worth while or anything cause I’m trapped and smothered by my parents to the point where I can’t do anything except go to school, go to work, or do nothing…

  28. Rowena:

    Worth remembering… good or bad?

    I’ve done things that I don’t WANT to remember, yet, I’ll never forget them. I’ve done things that I WANT to remember, yet, I may forget them. Life’s weird like that…

  29. Maria:

    Enjoy my home and my son.

  30. chichay:

    i have spent almost a whole day with someone i like but i don’t know i felt like i just wasted everything and nothing happened

  31. Michael:


  32. Alice:

    I moved to another country and I started my new life there.

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