Question 1350

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50 Responses to “Question 1350”

  1. Lei Lani:

    Panic. Fear has kept me alive for so long…

  2. Leanna:

    Leave it all behind for the unfamiliar!

  3. Ann:

    Fly my own plane!

  4. Denise:

    I would talk to everyone I cross path with about my wonderful business, which is in relationship marketing. Fear holds me back often, although I aspire to use this business as a vehicle for financial independence. My success is dependent on me talking and informing people about my business. Great question!

  5. Diamond:

    I would encourage others to Never Stop Dreaming!!!

  6. P:

    Recover. Hop on a plane and travel the world. Love without abandon.

  7. Jones:

    go skydiving.

  8. Ruby:

    I would apply for that dream job and let my family come along.

  9. Intimus:

    Walk to the Dakotas – no hitchhiking involved.

  10. Mazl:

    go out and buy a motor scooter

  11. Jaime:

    Tell me ex-boyfriend I still love him.

  12. I would setting a sail around the world!

  13. sunny:

    I would fly to Brisbane, go to my ex hold his hand and walk away from the whole world. we are both indian but couldn’t get married as we were dating before, my brother beat us both up and made us go our separate ways. we are now both married but we still love each other so so much.

  14. A.M.:

    Fear is a good thing

  15. JJ:

    I would buy a plane ticket and go from place to place to work in different countries as volunteer (or for money).

  16. Andreas Josef Nielsen:

    that i love here..

  17. stephanie:

    Start tattooing.

  18. Pix:

    Run back closer to family – tell them how sorry I am & wish and hope for a better future (WITH THEM)..

  19. Assie:

    To go up to my ex and tell him Im not afraid of him and terrible mafia friends and not be afraid of the after effects..

  20. Maureen:

    Stand up to people I’ve been unable to stand up to yet they continually make me feel bad about myself and life.
    Leave all this behind and start a new, fresh life
    Be more trusting with my friends
    Find love

  21. Shane:

    Love without fear of rejection & help others mercilessly xD

  22. sterling:

    i would talk to everyone who i thought would make a difference in my life for the long run

  23. Hope:

    I will pack my back and travel

  24. I would buy my favourite audi car

  25. tj:

    I would be an artist and creative wonderful pieces that would make me happy, and give other people a bit of happiness in their lives when they saw my work.

  26. Amy:

    I would take some time out for myself to figure out who I am right now~ not who I am for everyone else. Figure out if this life path I am on is safe or what I really want.

  27. Roxan:

    Love someone.

  28. Worker Bee:


  29. Leks:

    I would go to his house tell him how much he did wrong then fly to Europe and backpack my way around

  30. Joleen:

    I would aks for a job around town istead of checking the Internet

  31. jo:

    relax, enjoy good coffee, walk with my dog, and then I’d consider the rest.

  32. Eldy:

    Quit my job….

  33. Bianca:

    I’m going to fall, fall in love.

  34. Seas:

    Be utterly kind to everyone
    Spend time doing things on my own!

  35. Teresa:

    Stand up for myself

  36. Kennedy:

    I would fly to the UK!

  37. March:

    Find the biggest building or a plane that I can jump out of and experience every feeling possible in a matter of seconds to minutes. Truly I wouldnt want to do it without fear though. Fear, happiness, joy, anger, regret, love, etc. just truly feel everything in one big beautiful moment and end it on that note. I’m not suicidal just in love with life and all of its’ emotions and feelings.

  38. Hannah:

    Tell him I’m in love with him.

  39. BubblesQ:

    Scuba Diving *

  40. Röx:

    Tell him I’m in love with him :3

  41. Unbelievaburgers:

    Strut around like I own the place before proceeding with the wanton depravity.

  42. Mike:

    Tell people how I really feel.

  43. Hotchkiss:

    Ask someone to marry me. Just marry me and we can fix up a life together.

  44. SARA:

    i would go and marry my first love not carrying about any ones opinion

  45. Ady:

    Telling him that.. Go back to your ex-girlfriend.. You and her know what is LOVE.. You will become a perfect couple.. So, you and her never experienced the pain in this ugly world..

  46. T Stillman:

    Sky Diving

  47. Ralph:

    I would drive a plane into the Twin Towers

  48. Vitor:

    I would go wondering around to wherever life leads me.

  49. devon:

    I would quit my job and follow my dreams

  50. bieler:

    tell the police to scrwe off and date a dounut

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