Question 1353

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  1. Eljai:

    The last two times family came to visit. Seems me and my BF never laugh much anymore

  2. Bridget:

    when i saw an interview with dalai lama. and some guy told him a joke “so the lama walks into a pizza parlor… and he asks the guy, ‘can you make me one with everything’.” and it was so hilarious with dalai lamas reaction loool……….. that was 4 days ago

  3. Intimus:

    Last time was when I watched the Matrix! It is funny how strange the actors’ faces can appear during freeze frames.

  4. Biruk olika:

    2 days ago after meeting my two friends. In cafe we share coffee while one of friend of told as a joke that kept us long last stomach aching laugh.

  5. Rubi:

    When my 13 yr old Daughter popped my back. It felt incredible I laughed so hard and long that my daughter was concerned she had hurt me. I don’t what caused me to laugh so hard but i can say it felt as though she had popped my funny bone(in my back?.Weird…

  6. Rick:

    Sadly, I do not remember. BUT I saved this to my desktop to let go and enjoy life. I love you questions. I will become a better person by coming back. Thank you

  7. Assie:

    With my boyfriend – he is such a special egg sometimes

  8. L:


  9. prince shingh bhumihar:

    in my class room teacher say to asish that you brother is elder or younger asish said sir my brother is gider he don’t know how to speak elder

  10. Laugh:

    When my sister tickled me.

  11. MC:

    A few days ago in a car ride with my cousin, sister, & brother. Every time i’m with this crowd, we laugh so hard we shed happy tears! i love them 🙂 That same night i sang karaoke with my cousin, we messed up on the lyrics quite a few times & couldn’t stop laughing when we replied the song over and heard our mistakes

  12. Reddit:

    Learning about Kevin.

  13. Ria:

    As a writing excercise, I had students make up a movie and write a synopsis. One student, a 12-year-old girl, said her movie was called The Penguin Doctor about a genius doctor who got his great ideas from…a troop of 6 penguins that followed him everywhere. The problem was he had to keep his fish-loving black and white assistants a secret from fellow staff and patients in the hospital, because the penguins were very passionate about their work and wanted to spread their knowledge to more doctors and nurses, but no one else other than the main character had the gift of understanding penguin language. The student’s descriptions of some scenes in the movie had me in tears, I was laughing so hard.

  14. Geoff:

    It has been a long time, too long

  15. yesterday with my boyfriend J. but now i have broken it again

  16. Carrie:

    I can’t even remember.

  17. Teresa:

    About a month ago

  18. Cindy:

    Watching my best friend’s dog playing

  19. Emily:

    I can’t even remember 🙁 i miss that feeling!

  20. BubblesQ:

    Yesterday. My colleague was saying something and the other one said “Im sorry?, and the he said “youre welcome?” HAHAHAHAHA WHAAAAAAAAT?

  21. Röx:

    Last night. I was joking with friends.

  22. Unbelievaburgers:

    The other day when I was wandering through a wheat field, I stopped smack dab in the middle, depantsed, and took a nice, meaty dump just for shits and giggles.

  23. madelyn:

    last month.

  24. Ralph:

    When I listen to the song “Hit the Quan”

  25. ty vogt:

    the last time i laughed so hard it hurt was last month in september we where at the lake and my friend jair was yelling and then jumped in the lake them ran out and said it was cold and almost started crying after we went in the tint he was like bro that was cold and then he said lets go back and then we did it again he was crying and said lets go home so we all packed up in the car and went home and then he saw me laughing and said its not funny stop it. then we fought outside (play fighting) then we had to take showers because we had chiggers on us then we played fortnite because he brought his Playstation four. it was so fun

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